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DMA Services Ltd. shall present its services with the utmost professionalism backed with efficiency and reliability. All Split units shall be stripped, inspected, cleaned and disinfected to aid with the removal of dirt, mould and mildew, thus minimizing health concerns such as respiratory problems, sinus congestions and other related allergies. In addition, the filters, drain pan, drainage outlet and the blow motor of the units are also cleaned and sanitized. In the event of servicing a Central system, the return and supply vents including the duct hub (if accessible) are also cleaned & disinfected. Condensers (once reachable) may be sprayed with a degreaser plus washed to remove dirt particles trapped on radiator of the condenser. 

All interior and exterior elements of both systems are lubricated withWD-40 in the protection from elements of weather that causes corrosion. Lastly, the Gas levels are checked and recorded and if needed topped up to the recommended psi amount.
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